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Why Kodiva

Our ultimate aim is to differentiate your company from the competition, which is why we conduct reliable and accurate tests of the industry and the market even before creating the final version of the delivered solution. You think: unconventional quality, you say Kodiva.

Tailor-made code

You can look to us for solutions that meet the diverse requirements and multiple needs of customers from each sector.

Because combining today’s technology with our coding expertise lets you push the limits for what you thought possible.

  • Dedicated solutions
  • Speed optimization
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Original ideas

From the technical side of it, our portals, websites and web applications are based on original ideas, coded for the needs of a specific project and positioned with matching algorithms. The graphics are handled by our own graphic team, which additionally adds to the uniqueness of the provided solutions.

  • Graphic designs
  • Illustrations
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The technology
that you need

Depending on the undertaken project, we work on all known CMS systems. We adapt to the customer’s preferences to ensure superior performance and functionality of the product.

  • WordPress
  • Joomla!
  • Drupal
  • WooCommerce
  • PrestaShop
  • Magento
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How we work

Our work is customer-centered and transparent at every stage of developing the customer’s project, we focus on effective communication and productive interaction. That said, in our projects we always remain proactive, we suggest solutions instead of waiting for guidelines.

Stage I


Completing the BRIEF

The first step is a meeting with the Customer, during which we collect key information to prepare a brief, which is our map to create an effective solution.

Stage II

Team analysis of the problem

Presentation of the offer to the customer

After analyzing the customer’s issues and goals, we are able to develop measures for efficient implementation, which we clearly communicate to get the green light.

Stage III



We then proceed to the conceptual and visual construction of the solution, taking into account the assumptions and functionality that the customer considers paramount for the success of the project.

Stage IV

System coding

Testing and content management

Having the confirmation and certainty of a common, clear and consistent vision of the final solution, we start the process of programming, coding, testing and content management.

Stage V

Implementation at the customer’s site

Submitting the project

The last stage consists in launching the created service, implementing it in line with the requirements and technological possibilities of the customer, and finally submitting the ready solution.


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