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Unfortunately, the German language is not as popular as English among the youngest. Our client, a German tutor, really wanted to change that. This is how the idea of creating a small business, which is online tutoring in German, was born in her head. Our client had the whole idea in her head for a long time, but she was not able to transfer it to the network. So we came to help.

On-line tutoring, due to the nature of its conduct, required the creation of a dedicated store that would enable the purchase of lessons online. There are many portals on the market that allow tutors to advertise themselves, but one of the main disadvantages of such a solution are the commissions that our client wanted to avoid, especially as she associates a longer future with her business. Thus, the most economical option for her was to create her own online store.

Where to start?

There are many more tasks to do when setting up an online store than with a regular website. In addition to the visual aspects, we also had to focus on all the elements that are needed for the safe and proper operation of the online store. We started our work with visual values. We have programmed the page layout in accordance with the graphic design. The appropriate combination of all graphic elements created a unique fairy-tale style that perfectly fit into the concepts of our client who wanted to make the youngest happy with the German language, but not only.

Next steps in creating a store

After giving the graphic style, it’s time for the next elements of the website. The client provided us with a full list of lesson options that she wanted to include in her offer. All types of activities have been appropriately grouped and described. We have also added the option of giving opinions to individual variants, so as to facilitate the choice of the new customer.

Having already finished the topic of the graphic design and the content of the store, we could focus on the correct operation of the website on all browsers and devices. We then subjected the site to full PageSpeed Insight speed optimization, and left the payment methods for last. The solution we chose is Przelewy24, which, due to its very secure system, has the support of many less popular payment cards and a very low commission.

Can small business also aim high?

Zajączek Uczy, because this is the name of our client’s tutoring shop, it is a small business that wants to reach high. On-line lessons are perfectly applicable nowadays. The store is complete, presents a very high level of workmanship and its individual style that surprises everyone positively. Most importantly, the vision and goal of our client to reach primarily the youngest was achieved thanks to the work of our team.

Visit the store and make your own choice whether it is worth trusting us. For us, the size of the business does not matter, our solutions are for everyone!

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