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In summer, the outside temperature rises day by day, it is getting warmer, and thus, the demand for cooling office buildings or private facilities is also growing. The owner of the newly created start-up OK-KLIMA was aware that the summer would be the best time to develop the wings of his business and acquire a large group of customers who would stay with him for longer.

The Internet is already such a large part of our lives that it will come as no surprise to anyone that the web is the best place to attract new customers and advertise your business. The owner of OK-KLIMA was fully aware of this, he needed specialists who would help him build an unrivaled brand image on the web. While looking for help, he came across us, and we started working together without hesitation.

It is not easy for new companies to conquer the market

The biggest problem for new companies is competition with many years of experience. Our client’s website had to stand out from the crowd in order to encourage new clients to cooperate. However, the appearance is not the only aspect that contributes to the success in the process of acquiring a new client. The visual values also play a role, as they are an inseparable element of the website tailored to the client’s requirements. Our client also wanted a properly selected solution that would allow him to quickly evaluate the air conditioning system, so that a potential customer could quickly simulate prices for a given type of air conditioning.

Website functionality as one of the most important features

Our client, OK-KLIMA, wanted to introduce a price calculator so that every client could get a quick quote. In order to meet the client’s requirements, we have created a very simple and intuitive system. People interested in air conditioning, thanks to a special calculator created by us, can quickly and conveniently find out the approximate costs of having air conditioning.

Building the character of the site

The color selection was obvious to us, blue, which is associated with cold, and red, as you know, associated with warmth. The right combination of these colors provided the right atmosphere of the site. However, colors are not everything. An important element of each page is also a banner, which in the first place attracts the attention of the recipient. The idea and execution of this element often determines whether the new visitor will stay with us for longer. The client suggested that we put a short humorous clip that would interest the client and even make him feel better. There are also many short slogans and content on the website that, despite their lightness, are full of content that our client wanted to convey to their potential recipients.

How to position a website for free in search engines?

Positioning is a process that aims to place your website in one of the first places in the search results of relevant phrases by potential customers. There are many SEO methods, both paid and free. One of the many ways is blog and posts. Regularly added content that is unique is primarily intended to improve the position of the site. We have adapted the appropriate systems when creating the website, so that our client could share his new projects without any problems. Handling blog entries is very simple, so it does not generate unnecessary additional costs in the form of fees for a specialist.

Better than the competition?

Our success is that the OK-KLIMA website stands out from the competition. It is influenced on the one hand by appropriately selected colors, and on the other hand by texts and solutions that make it easier for recipients to navigate through the website we have created. All this is reflected in the huge interest in the activities of our client, OK-Klima, which in turn translates into an increase in the number of his clients.

The air conditioning website is not the only one that can be presented better than 99% of the competition, with our help it is possible!

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