Heavy Lifting Insight

It’s never too hard

Specialists from Heavy Lifting Insight are people of great deeds, they have solved not one difficult problem, literally. HLI is a company that deals with the movement of huge and, above all, heavy structures. In a word, what knowledge combined with technology can do can amaze even the greatest unbeliever. The contact from HLI made us very happy. As it turned out, despite the fact that our teams operate in completely different industries, we have common features, we plan first and then we act.

The HLI team needed good online advertising, so they chose a website where they would be able to present their achievements on a global and local level. The size of their work is really impressive, and our task was to bring it online in the most interesting way possible.

First plan, then action

As always, we started working on the general layout of the website, we made the code according to the graphic design, which was extensive and contained a lot of detail. This was where perfection was paramount, everything had to go hand in hand, without any concessions. Red has become the dominant color. Despite the bold choice, the site has kept the perfect composition. After the site layout and optimization in terms of the correct display of pages on all browsers and devices, including mobile devices, it’s time to fill the page with content, such as original texts or photos. Importantly, despite the fact that we can find a huge amount of photos on the HLI website, the website has no problems with fast loading, all thanks to the PageSpeed Insight optimization.

Constant development, willingness to share with the world

The HLI team has more and more challenges and more and more work. There are few companies that can do the impossible, and Heavy Lifting Insight is definitely one of this narrow group. After the first meeting, when we saw the projects, we concluded without a shadow of a doubt that an extensive implementation section must be made on the website. We have introduced the necessary solutions that enable the HLI team to share the results of their hard work. Such achievements cannot pass without any applause. Entries also help in positioning the website, and with such a profession, there is always something to write about and each mention of a smaller or larger implementation will be interesting.

Success has many names

Creating the perfect web site for HLI was a success. The site is complete, its graphic style and details are at the highest level, everything has been brought to perfection, without any simplification. The team can now enjoy modern advertising for their activities and have the opportunity to present their projects to the whole world. The higher you aim, the more successful you will achieve and HLI is the perfect example that the impossible becomes possible!

We also aim high and are not afraid to cooperate with global companies, check our implementation of Heavy Lifting Insight and rate our success.

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