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After the first meeting, we knew that the website redesign will not end only with visual changes. Marcin is a very ambitious person and he needed a bigger project. On the small side, a shop was to be created not only with diets, but also with dietary supplements and sports equipment. The whole concept was to be complemented by a blog that would enable the transfer of relevant information to customers.

Beginning of redevelopment? Lots of work

We always start the construction of every website, portal or store with the graphic design, in the case of BurtanSports it did not change much. The green color that dominated the previous version of the site remained, and the layout of the site was programmed according to the graphic design. For all this, the font and graphics have been selected. In this way, we obtained a website design that looked fresh and stood out from the competition. The coded website has been optimized in terms of operation on all browsers and mobile devices. It was not without, however, improving the speed optimization of PageSpeed Insight. However, the appearance itself is not everything. The page loading speed is also very important for the comfort of use.

Easy-to-use shop

Simple and fast do not always go hand in hand with good. In this case, however, it worked! The store and its mechanics have been designed to facilitate the purchase of the selected assortment. All purchasing steps are kept to a minimum. We have also launched a secure and trusted payment gateway. Marcin cared about the safety of his clients. It didn’t matter to him whether they were under his dietary care or not, because he cares for everyone the same.

The way of communication for regular customers

Maintaining constant relationships with customers is a very important aspect. A blog section has been created on the website, thanks to which BurtanSports can reach its fans, customers and charges with news and important information. Another advantage of entries is the better position of the store in search engines.

The finish line is not over

The main goals set by us have been achieved. The store is functioning well and BurtanSports is gaining new customers. New entries appear on the blog, and the customers themselves can learn about a healthy lifestyle. Everyone who visits the new site has no doubt that they have come to the right place. We can summarize the enormity of the work put in with one short statement that we have created a professional website for a professional! First of all, we got to know Marcin well during our cooperation and we can assure you that this is definitely not his last project on the web!

Is shopping at burtansports.pl really as easy as we wrote? Check on your own.

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