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Professional service is not everything

Nowadays, in order to be successful in trade, it is not enough to have only a large range of products in your offer. End customers are more and more demanding, looking not only for the lowest prices, but also for the highest quality assortment and professional service.

The best Automax Polska distributor dealing in the sale of automotive parts and equipment, has no problem with the above-mentioned elements. The only part of our client’s activity that required an intervention was the internet platform as it differed from prevailing standards and technologies.

Time for changes

A thorough analysis of the current version of the B2B platform has helped us collect appropriate comments and ideas for functional additions that would ideally find their place in the new version of the website. After a few meetings, our team learned about our client’s needs in detail. We developed a detailed project plan, which we began to implement step by step, taking care of every little detail.

Lots of innovations, but first the foundations

Each website, portal or internet platform should have strong pillars that will allow for further stable construction. The B2B best Automax Polska platform has been given strong foundations that are safe, scalable and fully functional. After completing the most important stage, our team could start working on additional functions that were to translate into ease of use of the website.

Shopping cart full of new features

After proper preparation, the website has a dozen or so very useful functions that make it easier to place orders on a daily basis. Our team has implemented two color display modes: day and night – so as to protect the eyesight of customers, regardless of what time they place their orders. Another improvement that has found its place on the platform is an advanced assortment search engine that can search by product codes and display a preview of graphics. An extensive side menu makes it easier to find oneself in such a rich offer of our client, thanks to which the user can quickly switch between categories. At the very top, a language switch has found its place. The entire platform is now very clear and intuitive. All the treatments that we have used facilitate the ordering process and shorten it to a minimum.

Synchronization with ERP warehouses

The best Automax Polska company in its daily work uses sales support systems, in which it constantly updates its inventory. We have managed to implement full synchronization with ERP warehouses on the website. A logged in customer is able to obtain information about the current stock level and the price of goods, all in real time!

It is important how we start, but most importantly how we finish.

The implementation of this large project has proved not only to us, but also to you that our team of specialists is worth any price. This project consumed a lot of energy, which was returned along with our client’s satisfaction, which motivates us to continue to develop. Each project we implement is completed with the utmost attention to detail. Check that these are not just our empty words and enter the refreshed B2B best Automax Polska platform.

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